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We work hard to provide easy-to-understand financial guidance with an emphasis on preserving capital. In today’s volatile markets, investors are not just looking for growth; they also are looking for investment vehicles and strategies to manage risk.

We provide individuals with a strategic portfolio design, as well as access to nationally recognized investment institutions. Not all investment portfolios are alike, however; some may benefit from additional services such as tax minimization strategies, retirement income and estate planning, insurance protection, and risk mitigation.

At Cano Wealth Management, Inc., we offer our clients access to financial solutions and strategies from a broad universe of investment firms and financial resources. But the most important resource we bring to the table is our commitment to understanding our clients’ investment needs. This is our first step in the disciplined, ongoing process of wealth management.

Our Clients

Our clients are individuals and companies looking for creative strategies that are aligned with their financial needs. Some seek to decrease the ups and downs in their investment portfolio while others look to invest in alternative investments such as BDCs (business development companies) and REITs (real estate investment trusts). In addition, some investors require a more comprehensive approach inclusive of life insurance and/or long-term care insurance to address their retirement and estate plans.





Alternative Guide

LPL Financial Research is
pleased to present this
educational primer on business
development companies.

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Real Estate Investment Trusts
are vehicles that invest in
commercial real estate or real
estate-related debt.

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Is your portfolio on a course
that’s destined to lead to a
retirement income shortfall?

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The term “alternative investments”
covers a range of investments that
fall outside of traditional

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